My Mission

My mission and passionate desire is to change the world. I think it is realistically possible, with humans awakening. What I mean by awakening is to be aware of one’s intentions, thoughts, and feelings toward themselves, others, and the world. When one is awakened to natural senses, caring for the world and the environment comes naturally. But it all starts with self. That is what all the ascended masters have been saying for millennia—change starts with self.


I call my clients and people “learners” because we are all learning every day. I am still learning and growing myself. I believe growth is something natural and essential for our planet and its creatures’ survival. Speaking about awareness is not only about big things we hear, but every day dilemmas.


I help learners to see their own behavior and emotions with contradicting actions of the thoughts and feelings they are having. Everything we are, have come to be, and have attracted to our lives and our accomplishments, is the cause of our behavior, our thoughts and feelings toward ourselves, others, and our beliefs about the world.


Being aware of our own habits and contradicting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors allows us to change them, creating a better life for yourself and a better environment and better world.


If we have the true intention for change, change comes with awareness of the problem. Awareness plays a big role in humans’ lives. All we have to do is open our eyes and heart to change. All it takes is an awareness to change the world. And it all starts with you!


Annika Geshe is changing the world, one talk at a time. See How