What is Behavior Awareness? Behavioral Awareness is psychology made easy–taking out the years of going to a therapist in favor of identifying a solution in a short period of time.

How would achieving a healthy mental and emotional state in a short period of time affect your life? Working together with Annika, you will identify limiting beliefs and the cause of your current situation so that you can find positive solutions to improve your life. Behavioral awareness emphasizes changes in behavior, change in actions, feelings and thinking patterns. It will help you achieve success in all areas of your life.

Self-awareness and mental and emotional growth are some results you can expect when you are consciously aware of your behavior. It clarifies your actions by analyzing your outward behavior and most importantly, provides you with a conscience knowledge of your own character, feelings, principles, individuality, motives and desires.

 Solution-focused Approach

As all the ascended masters who have been teaching for hundreds of years, Annika knows that change starts with self. She is able to analyze someone’s behavior, speech, actions, thoughts, feelings, viewpoints, relationships, work, family, beliefs and more through simple conversations. In fact, most of the time, the person doesn’t even know he/she is being analyzed. She awakens human consciousness—including morality, values, cognition -reasoning, judgment, improving human behavior, performance, work environment, personality development, positive social behavior, emotional distress, and the ability to deal with life more successfully.

Her sessions are solution driven. When you meet with Annika, you will find yourself in an environment that is down-to-earth, relaxed, non- judgmental and safe. You will feel understood and empathized with, and receptive to receiving a solution to your dilemma. At the end of each session, you have mental and emotional relief. Her aim is to examine and analyze your thoughts and feelings and open your eyes to contradictory life choices. The end result of your work together will be an increased ability to deal with difficulties head-on, with courage to be able to resolve them successfully. You will be able to make good choices in your life and continue the cycle to create a positive and joyous life.

She understands the cognitive and emotional causes of suffering and attempt to change patterns of thought and behavior so that our mind and our mood is not controlled by a negative state, condition, situation or perspective of life.

You can have a happy, fulfilled marriage and personal relationships.
You can have a stress free bond with your child.
You can break out from the negative cycle & have a successful, joyful life.
Her mission is to heal relationships, help you to change yourself and your life for the better. Her mission is to help you!

During your interaction with Annika you will see the difference in your choices, in your positive state of mind and heart. Get the support, advice and guidance that you need to start making the change.
It’s an effective, discreet, convenient way to get help with anything that bothers you: stress, anxiety, relationships, parenting, career issues, anger, family conflicts, self-esteem, and other life challenges. Even immediate personal dilemmas, that needs to be solved effectively. The important thing is for your life to be stress free and joyful.

Annika has extensive experience using Behavioral Awareness to counsel all types of people with a variety of issues. She would like to help you move forward with a healthy mental and emotional life. She offers a non-judgmental, solution-driven process that will change your life.