Couples in distress:

It is very common that couples find themselves off track with communication and making the necessary efforts to keep their relationship thriving at its best. Sessions consist of a variety of individual ways to heal in a safe, non-judgmental environment, all while working with each individual to resolve their inner struggles and beliefs.

Signs that your relationship needs help

– Obligation to be intimate.

– Arguments about the same things.
  Escalating fights.

-Lashing out about small things

– Feeling unappreciated

– Feeling unfulfilled

– You rely on others more than on your spouse.

– You feel like you can’t talk to them or feeling not being heard.

– Feeling of constant nagging or judgement.

– Feeling of being controlled, not having the freedom to be yourself.

– Spending less time together.

– Lack of support from the spouse when needed. Ex; during physical injury, life additions or changes, etc

and more

  • Discover solutions to every day dilemmas and misunderstandings
  • Rebuild trust
  • Improve communication skills. Learn to verbalize your feelings and thoughts to others with ease
  • Help heal and forgive past mistakes, eliminate annoyances, prevent nagging and misunderstandings, and have respectable conversations
  • Find out how to reignite the lost spark, and keep the relationship exciting
  • Learn to show trust and express your needs and fears in ways that can be heard and responded to by your loved ones

Premarital.  Getting married?

Those couples that are considering marriage or are scheduled to get married need to enter their union with the understanding on how to communicate clearly and concisely with each other to position themselves for a long-term successful relationship. Those in distress need to get back on track and improve the communication.

Life surely doesn’t come with a “How-To” manual, especially when it comes to marriage. Whether you are considering marriage or are scheduled to get married, you and your partner need to enter the union with a understanding on how to communicate clearly and concisely.

Now is the time to educate yourself with the skills that are vital for your relationship’s success. You will learn the essentials that keep your relationship on a harmonious, successful track, and more importantly, you will learn all that is needed to start on this track from the beginning. Learning these necessary communication skills and how to deal with each other as a married couple is what you will need to ensure your marriage survives and thrives.

Our interpersonal relationships are dependent on who we are. It is up to us to maintain healthy relationship with family members and loved ones, which is dependent on our behavior, thoughts, actions and feelings.

All conflicts arise from miscommunication. Every behavior has two perspectives. Learning to communicate properly helps you deal with others effectively, both in your personal life and all other aspects of your life, which ultimately reduces the stress.

It is important to realize that self development and self growth plays an enormous role in ones life, and our happiness and success depends on it.