• Ego –  What is ego. Difference between good and bad ego. How to become better version of yourself.
  • Depression/Anxiety/Stress – The causes of depression, anxiety and stress.  How to live more enjoyable and happy life.
  • Bullying – What is considered bullying. Know when you are an originator or a victim–being bullied without your knowledge or being a bully without intent.
  • Self-awareness – What it self awareness. Blinded perception, mistaken notion. The importance of self realization and self awareness.
  • Emotional Intelligence – What is emotional intelligence. The importance of emotional intelligence and how it impacts your daily life.
  • Dating – How to find the perfect life partner.  Step by step dating guide.  How to avoid toxic relationships.  Identify the causes for failed relationships.
  • Pre marital -Do’s and Don’t’s.  Skills for lasting and stress free relationship.
  • Successful and lasting marriage – Bring back the spark.  Skills to more thoughtful and exciting marriage.
  • Parenting – Raising the next generation to be mentally, emotionally healthy, to become successful, responsible, happy adults.
  • Communication –  Definition of communication. The importance of good communication skills that helps reduce stress that was created because of a misinterpretation.  Verbal and non-verbal communication.  Communication topic includes:

        – Business

        – Family

        – Interpersonal

  • Business Leadership and Management.

–  The difference between a manager and a leader.

– Run the business smoothly  and deal with staff with ease.

And many more life changing topics…

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