My Mission

My mission and passionate desire is to change the world. I think it is realistically possible, with humans awakening. What I mean by awakening is to be aware of one’s intentions, thoughts, and feelings toward themselves, others, and the world. When one is awakened to natural senses, caring for the world and the environment comes naturally. But it all starts with self. That is what all the ascended masters have been saying for millennia—change starts with self.


 I believe growth is something natural and essential for our planet and its creatures’ survival. Speaking about awareness is not only about big things we hear, but every day dilemmas.


I help people see their own behavior, open their eyes to their actions. Everything we are, have come to be, and have attracted to our lives and our accomplishments, is the cause of our behavior, our thoughts and feelings toward ourselves, others, and our beliefs about the world.


Being aware of our own habits and contradicting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors allow us to change them, creating a better life for ourselves and a better environment and better world. That is why I am in a path to teach as much people as possible the importance of emotional intelligence. People need to learn the true definition of love and caring, so they not only learn to care for fellow human beings but care for nature and all its creations. Changing the world includes issues such as; destruction of environment, animal cruelty, violence against children including rape, brutality against humanity, cruelty amongst family members and more…

There are many activists out there, fighting the same fight but all the caring people must come together for one mission. It is vital to understand that changing the behavior of people and making human beings aware of their negative behavior is the way to change.

It is important to have the true intention for change. Change occurs with awareness of the problem. Most people refuse to take responsibility and take a look at their behavior. My job is to help them change their ego, cease the denial, and open their hearts to love. I believe anyone can change. It is possible as long as a person is open to self awareness.

Annika Geshe is changing the world, one talk at a time. See How