Three Pricing Tiers:

“Spending” is squandering without any return. “Investing” on the other hand, is an outlay for a purpose, for which a benefit is expected. You are your best investment.


  Per session:  

  • By appointment only
  • Individual $50
  • Couple session $75


  • Travel to the client
  • Couple sessions and other personal relationships are included
  • 10 am – 6pm
  • $200 per hour

  • 24-hour availability
  • On the go (urgent  support)
  • Option to choose hours with no set time limit
  • Rate: $600 per hour


“Let us strive to improve ourselves, for we cannot remain stationary; one either progresses or retrogrades.” Mme. Du Deffand


*These rates does not apply to Business and Speaking engagements, Request a quote for Business and Speaking engagements.